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The argumentative strategy that Hedger (2012) will resultantly adopt is that of aiming to show that slurs are not expressions with purely descriptive content and so must be expressions with purely expressive content instead.
Such techniques may be used as expressive devices, as in the slow movement of Mozart's C Minor Sonata, where some of the right-hand two-note slurs in measures 34-36 could have delayed beginning notes (above which I have added identifying tenuto marks) for greater piquancy (Example 11).
2/2/i/221-24, Artaria's edition placed a wedge staccato on each of the chords with a slur over these four bars (fig.
Coun Tony Williams, chairman of the Vale planning committee, has been in hot water recently for a perceived slur against gypsies.
He wanted to over-saturate the market in hopes that it would strip the slurs of their negative connotations.
I want to suggest that a framework used by David Kaplan (2005) can be extended to the semantics of slur words (even though in the end I will disagree with Kaplan's specific analysis of slurs).
They cut somebody off, get out of the vehicle -- and it disintegrates into racial slurs.
In many of these studies, different styles of touch, such as legato, staccato and two-note slurs, are incorporated into a single exercise.
The survey conducted on 1, 297 Americans aged 14 to 24 found that that people who are overweight are the most frequent target of online slurs, followed by gay people, blacks and women, News24 reports.
For instance, there needs to be more preparation for linear music, part thinking, the subtle inflection of two-note slurs (I was able to find only one piece in the book that had a few threenote slurs.
16 ( ANI ): Sylvester Stallone has rebuffed claims that he hurled racial slurs towards some African-American paparazzi in Beverly Hills.
The player will need speed, clarity and dexterity in fast right-hand passages, the ability to balance melody and accompaniment, and coordination for playing legato with one hand while playing two-note slurs plus staccato in the other.