slush fund

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When he appeared for questioning for the first time last week, Lee flatly rejected allegations that his group had raised millions of dollars for a bribery slush fund.
When he appeared for questioning on Friday, Lee had flatly rejected allegations that the group raised millions of dollars of bribery slush funds and illegally helped transfer control of the group to his son, Lee Jae-Yong.
President Roh Moo Hyun has decided to accept the resignation of the South Korean ambassador to the United States, Hong Seok Hyun, over his alleged involvement in donating slush funds to presidential candidates in 1997, Roh's spokesman said Tuesday.
Once elected president, he made it his mission to go after Aleman, who allegedly used government coffers as a private slush fund.
Slush Fund repeated her success at this meeting last year when winning the handicap hurdle.
Let the bad apples know that Uncle Sam doesn't have an unlimited slush fund to finance their reprehensible actions.
Trial Lawyers Association, a group that's as liberal as it is litigious--and a virtually bottomless slush fund for the Democratic Party.
He diverted millions of Oxy dollars into a private slush fund, using some of the money to build a college in hopes of getting nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize.
Corrupt and undemocratic conditions within the United States government were evident last fall when Congress siphoned a half-billion dollars from an illegal slush fund maintained by the secretive spy satellite agency, the National Reconnaissance Office, and used it to fund more B-2 "stealth" bombers.