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The officials said the Defense Ministry and the Self-Defense Forces built up slush funds over several decades using the reward outlay budget for intelligence gathering by issuing fake receipts.
The presidential office earlier Tuesday denied an allegation that it knew of Hong's involvement in the illegal slush fund donation scandal before he assumed his post, Yonhap separately reported.
Thus was the notion of a slush fund expressed in bureaucratic parlance.
31, 2009, granted four months after he was sentenced to three years in prison, suspended for five years for embezzlement and for managing a slush fund, the former vice chair said.
Before the election the Coalition promised to establish a judicial inquiry into the Australian Workers Union slush fund scandal.
Under pressure from the Opposition to recover thousands of crores of slush funds stashed away in India and in tax havens abroad, and rising public anger on the issue, the union finance ministry is trying to stitch together agreements with 22 tax havens to seek information on unaccounted wealth.
The Defense Ministry has confirmed that slush funds amounting to at least tens of millions of yen were built up for the use of senior ministry officials and Self-Defense Forces officers from state budgets allocated for rewarding informants, ministry and SDF sources said Monday.
But slush funds, like the DWP's other wanton spending ways, are no longer acceptable.
In a wicked world, things do go wrong with slush funds.
Prosecutors searched the homes and offices of the affiliate, owned by a man who was earlier questioned by special counsel Jeong Ho-young over suspicions he managed the former president's personal wealth including the slush funds in 2008.