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Persuading people that no collective solutions are possible and that a better world lies in informed self-interest is the slyest means yet invented of eroding democratic participation.
What may be one of Scott's slyest touches comes late in the novel.
Ashbery is essentially a poet who does comic turns on a cureless predicament: the ego in everyone that, against all the raw evidence (but the slyest evidence is the worst), and because of it, persists in being, in the title of one of his poems, "the last romantic.
ONLY ONE man could have thought up such an outlandish explanation; only one man could have put a positive spin on EvagoroueIUs embarrassment and turned it into a success story eIf our good friend and super-smart finance minister Charilaos Stavrakis, by far the governmenteIUs ablest and slyest spin doctor, who makes us dizzy every time he makes a public statement.
Stepping into Robert Donat's shoes as Richard Hannay, the unflappable, pipe-smoking hero with the pencil-thin mustache and flawless hair, Charles Edwards balances a brow perpetually knit in earnest contemplation, a stiff upper lip and a determinedly set jaw with the slyest of double takes (he's the sole holdover from the London cast).
And sometimes, this slyest of American auteurs clearly understands that withholding forgiveness can be one of life's most sophisticated pleasures.
Slyest perf comes from Kishitani (the never-say-die psycho in "Dragon") as Genji's dad, whose offhanded treatment of his son's braggadocio is one of the pic's major delights.
Real family values: ``A Soldier's Daughter Never Cries'' is that slyest, hardest of movies to pull off: an incidental study of family dynamics that depends on neither dysfunction nor soapy operatics.
Rob decides to remake her as Hispanic, which is probably the slyest joke in the movie.
Pic is at its slyest as an elaborate playing out of the theme that everyone is playing a role, whether it's in a corporate bank, at a family gathering or on the proscenium.