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What they slyly avoid, however, are cases such as Deb Mayer's.
He smiled slyly and said, "It's locked away, waiting for the next project.
By pairing the superlative with the enlarged letter, you slyly underscored the difference between populism and Pop.
Say, if I was a virgin," he pauses, then laughs slyly, gesturing with his shoulders so that his classmates know this is a hypothetical question.
They are also based, as Dowse slyly points out, around the notion of torturing the main character.
However, a senior GM engineer slyly noted this would make the 2010 Corvette about the same size as Ford's V10 Cobra.
He slyly put a black binliner over one of the three ticket machines, thus forcing potential customers over to where he was sitting at the other two John R.
I turned slyly toward the audience and winked a baby blue.
For Rampton and Stauber, propaganda can sneak past our consciousness and slyly plant itself in our thinking patterns: "Since propaganda is often aimed at persuading people to do things that are not in their own best interests, it frequently seeks to bypass the rational brain altogether and manipulate us on a more primitive level, appealing to emotional symbolism.
He listened slyly as English officers chatted at society gatherings and soldiers exchanged information at his store.
Shakespeare's reactions to the assault on his art began slyly with As You Like It ( the very title asserting his audience appeal), testing the competing claims of judgment and folly through Jaques and Touchstone, the claims of art and nature through a pastoral dialectic.