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And there he stood, looking a little upward, with one hand thrust into the breast of his coat, and the other playing with his old-fashioned gold watch-chain: his head thrown a little on one side, and his hat a little more on one side than his head, (but that was evidently accident; not his ordinary way of wearing it,) with such a pleasant smile playing about his mouth, and such a comical expression of mingled slyness, simplicity, kind- heartedness, and good-humour, lighting up his jolly old face, that Nicholas would have been content to have stood there and looked at him until evening, and to have forgotten, meanwhile, that there was such a thing as a soured mind or a crabbed countenance to be met with in the whole wide world.
The commandant's wink gave a kind of profound slyness to his last utterance; then he began to make a survey.
Stepan Arkadyevitch evidently had the same desire, and on his face Levin saw the look of anxiety always present in a true sportsman when beginning shooting, together with a certain good-humored slyness peculiar to him.
But the slyness with which he slipped in that last question put me on my guard.
Perker, with a look of slyness which was very likely accidental.
Whether there was anything in the peculiar slyness of her action which fascinated Mr Quilp, or anything in the expression of her features at the moment which attracted his attention for some other reason; or whether it merely occurred to him as a pleasant whim to stare the small servant out of countenance; certain it is, that he planted his elbows square and firmly on the desk, and squeezing up his cheeks with his hands, looked at her fixedly.
But a minute later his face suddenly changed and with a certain assumed slyness and affectation of bravado, he glanced at Raskolnikov, laughed and said:
But how he would get Katrina Ambers, a 2011 graduate of Junction City High School, where she played third base and was a top hitter on the softball team, to Civic Stadium is a story involving slyness and smartphones and sweetly written notes.
According to the source, when Lebanon's Muslim politicians spoke about the necessity of Christians agreeing together in order to resolve the presidential deadlock, "they always did it with a big dose of sarcasm and slyness.
The bad guys are filled with intrigue, slyness and not much to commend them, sundry of the characters fall into a cold-blooded, bad guy crowd.
HOME Secretary Theresa May was accused of slyness and dishonesty by furious Tories last night after breaking her promise to let MPs vote on the European Arrest Warrant.
Gilbert comes on like a revving monster-truck engine, backed by heavy rock guitar, but there's a slyness to his singing.