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Josef Nero: Can't believe 58% of you think it's ok to smack your child.
But we don't need "experts" to know that a smack on a child's hand is not going to "scar them for life".
Looking back I feel that a smack on the bum when I was being exceptionally deserving of one did not do me any harm.
Studies from various institutions have shown that smacking is usually an ineffective form of behaviour correction, that parents who smack their children are far more likely to resort to harsher forms of punishment, and that smacking may cause children to suffer from developmental difficulties.
Current legislation, enforced under The Children Act of 2004, says parents are allowed to smack their offspring without causing the "reddening of the skin".
At issue in the litigation were six shirts that Smack Apparel manufactured that referred to the universities' athletic accomplishments, specifically LSU and Oklahoma University's participation in the 2004 Sugar Bowl as well as the number of championships previously won by Ohio State University and the University of Southern California.
At 3 days old, 13 of 16 macaques smacked their lips and stuck their tongues out after the experimenter did.
I can understand the primitive feeling of wanting to smack as any other mum can, when the two lovelies become two monsters, but have found it thankfully fairly easy to resist.
Three out of four parents have smacked their children, a poll revealed today, leading to fresh call for the practise to be outlawed.
And Labour's Pauline O'Neill, convenor of the Holyrood justice committee, said: "People are not bad parents because they smack their kids over the back of their hands."
I've observed that it is parents who don't smack whose children smack them.
I have never needed to smack my children, I just gave them "that look".