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But this time their own economic policy has collided smack bang with who they want in the country and it appears the only way out of this tawdry mess is to either U-turn or offer payrises to thousands of public sector workers.
Here I was, smack bang in the centre of where two worlds collide.
They're going to build a learning hub smack bang in the middle of all the other schools - join up all the timetables and share it.
This strategic site smack bang in the middle of the city was the home of all the local kings - the O'Dunphys, O'Carrolls and Fitzpatricks - before the Norman invasion in 1170.
SO here we are then, smack bang in the middle of the dog days of January.
THE NEIGHBOURHOOD It's smack bang inside Universal Orlando Resort, which means Universal Studios, Universal Islands of Adventure and Universal CityWalk are all close by, with buses running every 15 minutes, all the way until 2am.
THE Echo revealed last week that BBC Wales' new headquarters will be built smack bang in the city centre, on the site of Cardiff bus station.
Kelly Duffy: "I lived in Benwell smack bang in the middle of the riots and it was only a small group who went on the rempage.
Ashington isn't exactly a million miles away and it sits smack bang in the middle of the area of highest population in the county.
And with Ramadan now falling smack bang in the middle of summer, companies are even more hesitant to make a new offer to sell their shares publicly.
When he came in they were smack bang in the middle - as close to promotion as they were to relegation (Wolves were, in fact, six points clear of the bottom three and nine off the top six).
Instead, the couple had their hearts set on a flat smack bang in the middle of Paisley town centre.