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Lots of people say, "Well, I was smacked as a child and it didn't do me any harm".
Lots of people say: "Well, I was smacked as a child and it didn't do me any harm."
The Results: The children exposed to smacking were twice as likely to have emotional or behavioral problems as their peers who were never smacked.
Tecumseh Fitch, a professor of cognitive biology at the University of Vienna in Austria, used X-ray movies to film adult rhesus macaques as they smacked their lips or as they chewed food.
He said he smacked him because he had misbehaved by messing with the remote control and throwing things out of the fridge.
And Prof Pfeiffer, a top criminologist and former German Justice minister, said adults who had been smacked in childhood are more likely to demand punitive sentences for criminals - leading to jail overcrowding.
Half said they would like to do something to stop a child being smacked, with most of those wanting to comfort the child (42%) and help the parent (47%).
In response to these behaviors, many of the day-old macaques smacked their lips after seeing a mouth opening and closing, but they didn't copy what they had seen.
Between 3 and 7 days afterbirth, macaque babies smacked their lips and stuck out their tongues just as an experimenter did, the researchers report in the September PLoS Biology.
A level student Rebecca Reid, 17, from Erdington, said although she was sometimes smacked, she didn't feel it was the right.
Victoria Climbie, much cited by the pro-ban group, wasn't smacked. She was tortured.
Three out of four parents have smacked their children, a poll revealed today, leading to fresh call for the practise to be outlawed.