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If you have a young child who is about to endanger themselves and cause themselves serious harm, who are mentally incapable of understanding consequence, will not listen and continue to endanger themselves, a smack on the bum or hand is the least of their worries.
While some countries have changed the law and others have just had campaigns to encourage parents not to smack, those that have done both have seen the biggest reduction in smacking, she said.
Personally, I don't smack my kids, not because I'm against it per se but because it simply never worked.
Another proposed amendment to the Bill had suggested allowing parents to smack in certain situations, such as preventing danger to a child or another person, or preventing a crime, or damage to property.
Well there wouldn't have been a mark on the little boy above, as the smack was to the head not the face, and as for mental harm, how on earth is that measured to any satisfaction in a two-year-old toddler who can hardly express any thoughts and feelings coherently.
She said: "I feel very strongly that we do not want to criminalise parents who smack their children.
When a parent smacks a child, they are to some extent losing control," said Lord Lester.
I would tell her I'd give her a smack when I got hold of her, but by the time I found her, I was always too relieved to think about hitting her.
My parents would smack me - actually, it was more of a good hiding.
In England and Wales, any parent who smacks their child so hard it leaves a mark faces up to five years in prison.
Lord Lester said: ``When a parent smacks a child, they are to some extent losing control.