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To which Sancho made answer, "That's trick upon trick, I think, and not honey upon pancakes; a nice thing it would be for a whipping to come now, on the top of pinches, smacks, and pin-proddings
The duennas were now close to Sancho, and he, having become more tractable and reasonable, settling himself well in his chair presented his face and beard to the first, who delivered him a smack very stoutly laid on, and then made him a low curtsey.
cried the little man, with a hearty smack of his hand on the prompt-book.
I'd be the better for a smack of the salt water again, and a whiff of the breeze.
As he came out of his room he heard the slosh of water, a sharp exclamation, and a resounding smack as his sister visited her irritation upon one of her numerous progeny.
The child gave him a resolute kiss, with a smack in it.
There it was, the smack and slap of the spirit of revolt, of adventure, of romance, of the things forbidden and done defiantly and grandly.
There it is, sir," said he, with another cheerful smack on the open volume.
My mother gave me a few smacks, doesn't make her bad mother
A chum of mine is happy to admit she smacks her daughter.
Some-where along the line we have tried to find a middle ground and the result is a mishmash - smacks without bruises, legislation without protection.