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They will bulk sell puppies to third parties, who then put ads on Facebook and in small ad sections.
Alluring adverts on small ads sites are easy - a good address, the property photographed from the street, interior shots taken from luxury lettings sites, and, most importantly, an enticing rental.
Monitoring social media and blogging sites is extending HMRC's long-term practice of monitoring small ads in local newspapers and, more recently, eBay and other auction sites, according to Mark Lee, chairman of the Tax Advice Network.
MetroVoice can usually claim a few small ads for religious camps and for homeschooling materials.
It was the sort of subject matter confined to the small ads in newspapers (usually alongside the truss ads) and to hushed private chats generally among women; men would never talk about it.
Unfortunately, there are unscrupulous people who will target any newspaper small ads.
By Peter Beaumont Lurking in the small ads on page 10 of al-Taakhi newspaper was an announcement that Umar Salman wished henceforth to be known as Samir Salman.
Today, with the community further along in its development, Yakas is still running small ads but uses them to start the qualifying process by targeting product types and price points with simple copy such as "Townhouses starting at $250,000.
The stricken Serie A giants - pounds 130million in debt - were quietly put up for sale last week following the collapse of backers Parmalat in a multi-million pound web of corruption, The sale was announced in the small ads of a handful of newspapers.
Many of the pups are offered for sale through small ads or pet shops.
The new structure gave these workers additional compensation not just for landing new advertising clients, but also - in a departure from past practice - gave a commission for signing up clients who had previously advertised in the paper using a series of small ads, Pollack ruled.
In Harper Lee and Horton Foote's tale, Scout and her brother Jem not only learn about the big injustices of racism and lynch mobs, but about the small ads of justice that make us human.