small cavity

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It was a small cavity under ten feet of water; but I think that I can warrant the pond not to need soldering till they find a worse leak than that.
Contract awarded for Public car park building construction paper using a small cavity
Going to the dentist for a small cavity to be filled can be a "pain" to worry about, (no pun intended
A small cavity can be filled with a filling by a dentist," Dr Mansoor said.
With the latest generation of the Contiform 3 series, the market can now buy small cavity (SC) machines for the high-output range of up to 81,000 containers per hour.
Here, Krones has integrated the technology of the Contiform 3 Small Cavity stretch blow-moulding machine for small containers with Con droll labelling technology featuring a Multireel automatic reel magazine plus fillers from the new Modulfill series to create a purposefully synergised overall concept.
Confined in a hellhole -- a small cavity inside a wall in a nondescript part of the Capital's brothel on G.
Tooth decay usually starts as a small cavity in the hard, protective outer covering - the enamel.
Each handcrafted piece of jewelry features a small cavity in which the blood is inserted, and the line will features pendants, bracelets and dog tags (soon to come for troops), in an array of styles—from modern to higher-end pieces.
These findings suggest that small cavity size is a significant limiting factor in accurate imaging determination of PVT.
Pultron Composites specialises in the development of mass produced, round and small cavity pultrusions with high engineering properties and complex finishing operations.
They found some helicopter parts which were incinerated in a small cavity among rocks some 200 meters away from the wreckage.