small chance

References in classic literature ?
He did not seem to care now that Philip's work was poor, that he ran small chance against keen rivals of carrying off the scholarship necessary for him to go to Oxford: the important matter was his changed intention about his life afterwards.
Though if a sufficient number of these bats attacked a man at the same time, he would have small chance to escape alive.
Weston, and the small chance there was of ever seeing or hearing anything more of him throughout my quiet, drab-colour life: which, henceforth, seemed to offer no alternative between positive rainy days, and days of dull grey clouds without downfall.
Then he realized that for such a craft to sell at auction for fifty-five pounds meant that there was small chance for saving her.
If it turned away from him as it started to retrace its steps to the doorway, there was a small chance that it might not see him; but if it turned toward him there was none at all.
It has been identified that there is a very small chance that affected models of InSync III CRT-P may experience potential battery failures.
28 (BNA): The Meteorological Directorate forecasts a partly cloudy to cloudy weather, with small chance of scattered rain at times.
National Hurricane Center in Miami said that mountains and an unfavorable environment would likely knock Erika below tropical storm force, though there's a small chance it could recover as it moves along Cuba and then approaches Florida late Sunday.
In today's Edinburgh derby it might be worth taking a small chance on Hibs who look a little overpriced for the trip to Tynecastle.
I think there's a small chance of us all being unemployed.
A rundown seat of democracy I CAN'T promise AJ Hubble a modern-day Guy Fawkes who will blow the Houses of Parliament sky-high (Your Say, June 17), but there is a small chance his dream may materialise in a different form.
Veteran midfielder Mark Bresciano said: "We must be ready to take any small chance and function well as a team.