small parcel of land

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To go ahead with the plans, Salboy will have to purchase a small parcel of land on the site owned by the council.
"Although the wider scheme comprises a total of 1778sqm, known as the Racing Stables, this application site is only the single stable range, to the west and a small parcel of land designated for parking.
Because we had so much time, we bought a small parcel of land to be planted with the herbs and vegetables,' according to farm owner Rene Maduro.
Jollibee's entrepreneurship program empowers farmers !-- -- MANILA, Philippines Farming can be a profitable livelihood, even for farmers who till a small parcel of land. Arming them with more knowledge can translate to better decisions and higher confidence.
Contract: valuation advice for small parcel of land off kelvin way, west bromwich
At the same meeting - and just as controversial - was Northumberland Estates' application to build two permanent homes on a small parcel of land which forms part of the wider Beadnell Point development of 40 holiday lets.
A small parcel of land was donated to us by Mabatini residents and we have since managed to set up a semi-permanent structure but it is quite tiny to host the numbers that come at any given time.
The disused WC came with a small parcel of land and borders a car-parking area.
Townhouses may come with a small parcel of land, a driveway or a private garage.
'If we talk of marginal farmers, among them are the vegetable farmers tending only a small parcel of land to produce vegetables,' he said, adding that VICSMin already prepared a resolution for vegetables' inclusion in PLEA.
It was really nothing more than a small parcel of land where people met to conduct their daily trade dealings.

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