small percentage

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Well, but it's nothing but right you should have a small percentage," said Mr.
He added: "They comprise a very small percentage of the overall prisoner population and a small percentage of the overall prisoner population of Maghaberry.
The other gases in the atmosphere are insignificant in comparison except carbon dioxide which, although it is a small percentage of the atmosphere, is essential for plant growth.
Davis pointed out that lenders close a relatively small percentage of loan origination requests they receive.
Coauthor Barry Dickson of the Research Institute of Molecular Pathology in Vienna and his colleagues genetically engineered female flies to express the fruitless gene in a small percentage of their brain cells, as males normally do.
According to a report by the bishops, more than 80 Christians are imprisoned on charges of blasphemy- a large number considering the small percentage of Christians in Pakistan's population.
An additional bonus from the company supplying this service to the League is the small percentage of all sales that will be donated to the LWVUS.
A small percentage of cases can be explained by familial syndromes, or by exposure to ionizing radiation, but the precise roles of specific genes or other environmental factors, such as lead, remain largely unexplored.
Only a small percentage of the women identified themselves as semivegetarian (1.
These statistics have led privacy-rights advocates to issue dire warnings about the growth of massive consumer databases, despite the fact that Internet hacking accounts for a small percentage of all thefts.
But those businesses are only a small percentage of the whole.
The Mac users may constitute only a small percentage of the scientists, but providing equal protection to all scientists is highly important," explained Todd Krahenbuhl, a network engineer at PNNL and project manager for the Sygate installation.

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