small proportion

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When the business of the husbandman devolves not on the citizen, the matter is much easier settled; but when those labour together who have a common right of possession, this may occasion several difficulties; for there may not be an equal proportion between their labour and what they consume; and those who labour hard and have but a small proportion of the produce, will certainly complain of those who take a large share of it and do but little for that.
He went through all our vices and follies, and discovered many, which I had never mentioned to him, by only supposing what qualities a YAHOO of their country, with a small proportion of reason, might be capable of exerting; and concluded, with too much probability, "how vile, as well as miserable, such a creature must be.
First of all, my friend," answered Barbicane, "every aerolite does not fall to the earth; it is only a small proportion which do so; and if we had passed into an aerolite, it does not necessarily follow that we should ever reach the surface of the moon.
After twelve generations, the proportion of blood, to use a common expression, of any one ancestor, is only 1 in 2048; and yet, as we see, it is generally believed that a tendency to reversion is retained by this very small proportion of foreign blood.
On a stone platform, of rather small proportions, considering the size of the building, Richard and Hiram had, conjointly, reared four little columns of wood, which in their turn supported the shingled roofs of the portico— this was the name that Mr.
In its small proportions, it was not unlike the kind of place usually assigned to a gate-porter in Paris.
Independent analysis, commissioned by Ministers, shows the UK gas market continuing to function well in attracting gas from a range of sources to meet current and future demand, with gas storage providing only a small proportion of UK total supply (7% in 2012).
However ethical markets remained a small proportion of total sales, he said.
Difficult to fathom JohnWathenBerry Easy to fathom: only a small proportion of stables in Britain would contain a horse eligible to run in it An instant debate on the value of sales races pops up as the Newmarket trainer responds
Intra-Africa trade currently accounts for only 12% of total Africa trade, a small proportion compared to the European Union's 60%.
Dr Bob Adak, head of the gastrointestinal diseases department at the HPA, said: "These cases only represent a very small proportion of total [watermelon] consumption.
Instead, his plane had to land at Kandahar airfield, where only a small proportion of 9,500 UK troops deployed in Afghanistan are based.

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