small quantity

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There was no water nearer than three or four leagues, and that only in very small quantity, and bad: the soil was absolutely sterile; I looked in vain even for a lichen adhering to the rocks.
In this lantern is a spiral glass which contains a small quantity of carbonic gas.
We accordingly brought him back to the deck and restored him to animation by rubbing him with brandy and forcing him to swallow a small quantity.
You procured from Emil a small quantity of the powder prepared according to the recipe of Herr Estentrauzen, and for which we paid him ten thousand marks.
A leak of a small quantity of a gas used as an additive to LPG to give it an odor for safety purposes, raised alarm in Larnaca on Thursday with residents notifying the fire service, which eventually determined there was no cause for concern.
Sealed Electronic Bid: Sod restoration & small quantity installation projects
But when they got there they discovered a small quantity of cannabis and gear used to grow the drug.
The pair were let off with a warning due to the small quantity of cannabis involved.
You pleaded guilty and had the good sense to do that at an early stage on a basis agreed by the Crown, namely that you supplied a small quantity of drugs to a limited circle of friends in your local village.
2]amount, number <There's a small quantity of fuel left.
Following a review of its operations, the company reported to the Department of Environmental Protection that the company was improperly registered as a "Very Small Quantity Generator" of hazardous waste between November 2005 and May 2008.
There is a significant opportunity for reverse logistics companies that can capitalize on the unique challenges presented by the large and small quantity shipments of used high-tech assets.

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