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In his own small room Martin lived, slept, studied, wrote, and kept house.
It was a small room, eight by twelve, and the earthquake had left its marks upon the plaster.
As soon as we came to the inn, Ransome led us up the stair to a small room, with a bed in it, and heated like an oven by a great fire of coal.
The parlour was rather a small room, very plainly furnished, yet comfortable, because clean and neat.
On the upper floor there were five bedrooms--two on one side of the passage, corresponding in size with the dining-room and the drawing-room below, but not opening into each other; three on the other side of the passage, consisting of one larger room in front, and of two small rooms at the back.
Our plain manner of living, our small rooms and few domestics, and the little we see of the world, must make Hunsford extremely dull to a young lady like yourself; but I hope you will believe us grateful for the condescension, and that we have done everything in our power to prevent your spending your time unpleasantly.
First, a small room was reserved for a library in Baldia Plaza on Bhoun Chowk, and this was in the early 60s,' recalls senior advocate and political activist Syed Ziaul Hassan Zaidi.
We are forced to share a single small room among three to four students for less expense as compare to heavy charging of private hostels.
The wife of the Pampanga lawmaker, Elizabeth Panlilio Gonzales, was among the 37 people, including guests and hotel staff, who died from suffocation in a small room.
Use expansive artwork to draw the eye in and make a small room seem more spacious - a big piece in a wide frame acts almost like a window.
Maximising light in a small room is an important way of making the most of the available space.
The property has three bedrooms and a bathroom on the first floor and a spiral staircase leads to a second floor where there is a sleeping and seating area along with a small room and a wash basin.

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