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Staff arrived at the museum to discover two small Royal Pythons had gone missing on.
Mr Pugh told the Commons: "Why, in the relatively small Royal Mail office in Southport, have 46 postmen been suspended or dismissed or have gone off work with stress?
"This kind of stone can stand against the erosion of Nile water," Hawass explained, adding that because the ramp was very steep towards the Nile, the 25th Dynasty Pharaoh Taharka (690--664 BC) built a small royal quay in the middle of the ramp which on its turn divided the ramp into three sections.
After capturing valuable electronic components and taking prisoners, including a German radar technician, the force escaped in a small Royal Navy flotilla sent to fetch them home.
Yesterday, Iran seized three small Royal Navy boats and arrested eight armed crew members as they patrolled the Shatt al Arab waterway which forms a southern border with Iraq.

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