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Cubed Inc (OTCQB: CRPT), the owner and operator of IP related to the Get CUBED mobile-first platform, announced on Thursday the signing of a Joint Venture agreement to develop and deploy 'Fremium' casino style games through its proprietary Cubed technology with Small Screen Casinos Ltd, a company dedicated to social and real money gaming across all small screen or second screen devices.
Those with a small screen at their bedside reported sleeping an average of 20 minutes less than those who didn't have a small screen bedside.
Small Screen Producer created a strategic website for Lone Star Seal equipped with shareable photo galleries with a Facebook "like" button integration on each photo.
Huw was a huge presence here for the 29 years he portrayed one of the giants of the small screen, Reg Harries in Pobol y Cwm.
The team behind 'Ringer' is aware that die-hard 'Buffy' fans will be keen to see the actress return to the small screen.
Progressive Educational Tools ran the challenge as part of its Future Leaders Programme, which saw the stars of the small screen earn themselves two grade B GCSE equivalent qualifications.
The small screen has produced numerous celebrities such as Vikram Gokhale, Sachin, Reema Lagoo, and Ashok Saraf, who have made their mark not only in Maharashtra, but also across the nation.
THE picturesque sights of Holmfirth have long been admired on the small screen.
Two nationally recognized restoration companies are sharing the small screen this year by making appearances on two different television programs.
On the small screen, we review DVDs as controversial as the recent documentary on retail giant Wal-Mart's reign (and the high human cost of low prices), as well as Ridley Scott's impressive recreation of the Crusades in Kingdom of Heaven, in which he suggests the possibility of co-existence between two great civilizations.
There's a good chance that players will spend more time staring at loading screens than actually breaking jaws in this fighting game that had a chance to be a contender on the small screen.
In the former, visitors sit at a console topped by a single screen that depicts a figure clicking through a series of images on a small screen.

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