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CONTACT: Sue Schneider of Small Screen Partners, +1-636-946-0093, or info@smallscreenpartners.
Large and small screen companies are realizing that adapting books is a great way to fulfill the need for diverse and interesting subject matter.
Given the difficulties in getting films made and seen in Canada, perhaps this is the start of something exciting for our country's small screens.
Like The Fugitive, Values is shot with the big screen in mind, featuring a richly textured, cavernous mansion setting and a climax in which Pubert is slung about the house--and the Earth's atmosphere--with a reckless abandon that would have been lost on the small screen.
London, Jan 11 (ANI): Salma Hayek is all set to bring the hit musical 'Wicked' to the small screen in the form of a new mini series.
SEAHAM duo THE SMALL SCREEN LIGHT SHOW are coming into the vision of more and more people lately.
CONWY Jaguar is bringing a taste of Hollywood to North Wales drivers by screening an exclusive new film on the small screen at its Fford Maelgwyn dealership.
Overall, ``Glick in Lalawood'' reinforces the oft-made argument that sketches that work in quick doses on the small screen can get repellent fast in feature-length format.
What you can have with X2 is pretty much all that you'd ever want out of a comic book movie--it's smart, it's breathlessly paced, the characters have at least 2 1/2 dimensions, and the action sequences are jaw-droppers, even on the small screen.
REALITY shows on the small screen may largely be criticised for scripted drama but a couple of contestants erased all such notions on two different reality dance shows when they left the audience spellbound with their courage and will power.
The 1989 film's small screen version will have all the original characters.
Young Seaham trio THE SMALL SCREEN LIGHT SHOW (above) will be headlining the event.

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