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The small-mindedness of such destruction is surpassed only by the periodic damage done to Alton Baker Park's other large-scale piece of public art, a scale model of the solar system.
A place where dancers drop negative qualities such as jealousy, small-mindedness, greed and malice to embrace their colleagues as sisters and support each other in their journey towards becoming dancers of merit.
Virginity does not aim to single out at any particular culture or people; it poignantly and artistically draws attention to an antiquated epidemic of small-mindedness and control, which haunts the women of the world to this day.
I can't understand the small-mindedness of some people that can complain about this as it's simply superb.
While some critics felt that the book's observations of the issues of small-town small-mindedness and environmental destruction are a bit heavy-handed, overall reviewers strongly recommended this author's first book.
According to the Daily Mail, Neighbours staff Down Under has been forced to remove several racist posts from fans angry a non-Anglo-Saxon family would become show regulars, writing 'that racism and small-mindedness won't be tolerated.
Childhoods preyed upon by unscrupulous advertising and marketing translate "into fear, small-mindedness and prejudice," says the film's director and producer Helena Norberg-Hodge.
The irony in the cited passage requires that we recognize the Middlemarch mind, see its coercions and small-mindedness such that we can imagine how these impinge on an intelligent and independent-minded young woman.
Hayden Taylor's book generates much thought about small-town small-mindedness, and he mixes it with the problems brought by a trickster figure let loose in a community already preoccupied with fooling itself.
I loathe this small-mindedness, this smug "we're alright, Jack" attitude.
DEREK ADAMS has warned Ross County's board the only way to put their club on the map is to place big-time football ahead of small-town small-mindedness.