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Camp Leaders places thousands of people on work placements in summer camps across the US every year, while parent Smaller Earth creates global work and volunteering opportunities in countries including Canada, China and Australia.
Particle sizes smaller than 1000 [micro]m, smaller than 900 [micro]m, smaller than 800 [micro]m, smaller than 700 [micro]m, smaller than 600 [micro]m, smaller than 500 [micro]m, smaller than 400 [micro]m, smaller than 300 [micro]m, smaller than 200 [micro]m.
The average UK smaller companies investment firm is up 21% in the year to August 31, against an overall industry average of 9% and 5% for the UK growth sector.
Many smaller buildings, those with 75 units or less, are fine properties with multi-million dollar apartments, yet they often have trouble obtaining high quality professional management.
Just how can smaller communities garner these same funds?
Participants who got the bigger serving spoons served themselves more ice cream than those who got the smaller spoons, but the difference was not statistically significant.
The head of Brazil's airports authority, Infraero, said the Gol aircraft collided with another smaller plane, Globo news agency reported.
Physicists have built tiny instruments sensitive enough to detect single molecules of DNA, and the construction of these sensors generally follows a simple rule: the smaller the better.
New internal control guidance for smaller public companies has been issued by the Committee of Sponsoring Organizations of the Treadway Commission (COSO).
Smaller is proving to be better in several different areas of expandable bead molding.
The company is responding to lower flying heights through the use of smaller Femto sliders.
Among women who had initially smoked, a significantly smaller proportion of those who quit than of their counterparts who continued smoking delivered a low-birth-weight infant (9% vs.