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The same difficulty occurs, should it ever happen that the poor compose a smaller part of the people than the rich, but from their superior abilities acquire the supreme power; for this is what they call an oligarchy; it should seem then that our definition of the different states was not correct: nay, moreover, could any one suppose that the majority of the people were poor, and the minority rich, and then describe the state in this manner, that an oligarchy was a government in which the rich, being few in number, possessed the supreme power, and that a democracy was a state in which the poor, being many in number, possessed it, still there will be another difficulty; for what name shall we give to those states we have been describing?
She determined that she would get the smaller part of the trousseau all ready now, and the larger part should be made later, and she was much vexed with Levin because he was incapable of giving her a serious answer to the question whether he agreed to this arrangement or not.
Clare, deeming the whole basis of her excitement to be that which was only the smaller part of it, said
The love element, it should be noted, as what we have already said implies, plays a smaller part than usual among the various aspects of life which his books present.
ecommerce sales in Q4 was expected as the company fully lapped the Jet acquisition, but said a smaller part of the slowdown was "unexpected, as we experienced some operational challenges that negatively impacted growth.
As for me: I'd rather have a smaller part of something big than a bigger part of something small.
A smaller part thought I should change tack and do a programme about farming" Jeremy Clarkson recalls his feelings after being ousted from Top Gear "We always take great pride in our modesty" Downton Abbey star Jim Carter, who plays Carson the butler "Why don't we plan the rest of our lives?
A smaller part thought I should change tack and do a programme about farming" - Jeremy Clarkson on his feelings after being axed by the BBC from Top Gear.
Real estate company Fastighets AB Balder (Balder) (STO:BALDB) and Coop Fastigheter AB announced on Tuesday the signing of an agreement for joint ownership of a smaller part of properties located at Backaplan in Gothenburg.
US home care and cleaning products are considered harvest brands providing healthy profit returns to the company and are becoming a smaller part of the business as the multi-purpose maintenance products sales grow.
The paper said that the stores to be sold make up some 10% of Casino's presence in Paris and a smaller part of its countrywide network of 9,389 stores.
In the smaller part, most of the facings -- stored in a special merchandising display -- represented the Morton & Bassett brand from the San Francisco-based company of the same name.