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He drew his form, foot by foot, through the bending grass, pausing at each movement to catch the smallest sound that might betray any knowledge, on the part of the travellers, of his proximity.
The smallest noise, the agony of struggling, with which such a frame would probably relinquish its hold of life, suggested themselves to his rapid thoughts, and were all present to his experienced senses.
He now took the direction of the encampment, stealing along the margin of the brake, as a cover into which he might easily plunge at the smallest alarm.
The place in the middle alone remained now unexplored; and though she had "never from the first had the smallest idea of finding anything in any part of the cabinet, and was not in the least disappointed at her ill success thus far, it would be foolish not to examine it thoroughly while she was about it." It was some time however before she could unfasten the door, the same difficulty occurring in the management of this inner lock as of the outer; but at length it did open; and not vain, as hitherto, was her search; her quick eyes directly fell on a roll of paper pushed back into the further part of the cavity, apparently for concealment, and her feelings at that moment were indescribable.
Pay the minimum payment on each card or loan you have, then pay your 12.5% surplus towards the smallest balance.
Lyceum head coach Topex Robinson doesn't mind having the smallest team in the league.
(TAP) - The smallest surviving baby in the world left the hospital five months after she came into the world at a San Diego, California hospital, CNN reported.
McDonald's Sweden recently opened the world's smallest McDonald's restaurant - for bees.
A baby born in Tokyo weighing the same as a large onion has gone home healthy, becoming the smallest newborn boy in the world to leave hospital safely.
Macedonian citizens pay the smallest duties for the gas supply grid (0.0048 euros per KWh) and the smallest tax (0.0075 euros per KWh) but nevertheless gas is cheaper in Serbia, Moldova, Turkey, Great Britain, Poland, etc.
And the smallest NA constituency is NA-262, the area that comprised of districts Jhal Magsi and Kachhi of Balochistan, whose population is 346,000.
Rochester, N.Y., had the smallest gap in terms of dollars ($68,758) and the second-smallest percent difference (21%), Doximity said in its 2018 Physician Compensation Report.