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As far as we can see there is no official world record, but the smallest that we have found so far was bigger.
Columbia Basin Pygmy Rabbits are the world's smallest and among the rarest.
Although The World's Smallest Camera is only slightly larger than a marble, it takes still images and records video just like much larger cameras," explained Hammacher Schlemmer's General Manager, Fred Berns.
Hydrogen is the lightest element, and it has the smallest charge.
The XV-8000CB leverages the stability of crystal-based gyro elements along with the company's original crystal microprocessing technology, low-power analog circuit technology, and packaging technology to achieve a gyro sensor that is both highly accurate and the world's smallest at just 5.
3 -- color) Alexandra Freeman was the smallest baby born in the county in the past six years.
7 [zeven] smallest number-name in which all letters appear in smaller number-names [7]
The smallest employers have been the first to shift costs, but survey results suggest that the larger ones are following suit.
Storage services represent the smallest services component, totaling just under $25B and accounting for just 6% of all IT services spending for 2004.
Write the number "1" on the state that has the largest population, and the number "50" on the state that has the smallest population.
Among the smallest quintile of elementary schools, 47 percent of racially heterogeneous schools (those with four or more racial subgroups) won performance awards, versus 82 percent of similarly sized but racially homogeneous schools.
Based on the embedded developer's application requirements, Micro-X is custom configured to the smallest size possible -- as small as 570kB.