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He drew his form, foot by foot, through the bending grass, pausing at each movement to catch the smallest sound that might betray any knowledge, on the part of the travellers, of his proximity.
The smallest noise, the agony of struggling, with which such a frame would probably relinquish its hold of life, suggested themselves to his rapid thoughts, and were all present to his experienced senses.
He now took the direction of the encampment, stealing along the margin of the brake, as a cover into which he might easily plunge at the smallest alarm.
The place in the middle alone remained now unexplored; and though she had "never from the first had the smallest idea of finding anything in any part of the cabinet, and was not in the least disappointed at her ill success thus far, it would be foolish not to examine it thoroughly while she was about it.
THE new owner of the Smallest House in Great Britain is "honoured" after inheriting the property from her aunt.
In the Central Congo he indeed discovered the smallest pygmies in the world.
IT'S the chicken egg that's smaller than a 5p piece - and the schoolgirl who found it in her pet bird's coop reckons it might just be the world's smallest.
A CONVERTED call box call box on Royal Deeside has on Royal Deeside has been dubbed Scotland's been dubbed Scotland's SMALLEST internet cafe.
Here we take a look at the smallest, tallest, fattest and scariest creatures the animal kingdom has to offer.
The worldOs smallest hotel When the Central Hotel opens in Copenhagen next month it will be the worldOs smallest hotel, offering just one room located The worldOs smallest hotelabove the tiny coffee shop, the Central CafA.
Contrary to the title and the first sentence of the article, hydrogen is not "the smallest atom of them all" ("Spotting the smallest atoms," SN: 8/16/08, p.
is used to making the smallest heat-shrink tubing in the world.