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The smallish green is protected by a bunker front-left and a mound on the right that can kick approach shots toward the green - or into the slough.
For a smallish ground base there is lots of business potential in Concourse House.
This was a sentiment shared by our second Londoner of the evening, the smallish but perfectly formed Morph lookalike, Eddy Brimson, who detests kids because "he used to be one".
Overshadowed in scientific circles for the past few decades by its smallish cousin the mouse, the rat is back in the limelight.
If you or your students occasionally encounter blank-canvas panic, this smallish but thought-provoking book may be an antidote.
It has a lot of pages for a YA novel and each page is filled with words, smallish print.
Follow J-Lo's lead and look for sweats with smallish tops and low-riding bottoms (just not quite this low, please
A smallish, expansion-minded business or professional practice seems the perfect candidate to buy property, so when it comes time to expand, space is not an issue.
Their smallish but nuanced voices were well suited to the oratorio milieu, although both seemed restricted in terms of dramatic strength.
7 ounces/190 grams) with a smallish black-and-white screen, but cool.
The resultant sound is big, close, and soft; yet not without its own lucidity, as I Solisti de Zagreb is a smallish group and produces more than adequate clarity.
They followed the feet to the UC-Berkeley campus, to the reduced seating afforded by San Francisco's Center for the Arts at Yerba Buena Gardens, and to the city's similarly smallish Palace of Fine Arts.