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The theory was beautiful--namely, if we kept ourselves soaked in alcohol, every smallpox germ that came into contact with us would immediately be scorched to a cinder.
62, was sufficient to sober the most drunken pearl buyer that ever incinerated smallpox microbes in Scotch whiskey.
Smallpox in 'Onolulu, two broken legs in Shanghai, pnuemonia in Unalaska, three busted ribs an' my insides all twisted in 'Frisco.
I'm glad it isn't smallpox that ails me, too," she murmured contentedly.
When my poor James was in the smallpox, did I allow any hireling to nurse him?
Then they ought to find out how to vaccinate for love, like smallpox.
Despite concern about the existence of live smallpox virus housed in government research laboratories in the United States and the Soviet Union (later Russia), not until 2002 did the US government declare the resurgence of smallpox a credible biothreat (7).
A few days before the first smallpox case in South Wales was reported, the news broke in London that a patient in UCH had died of suspected smallpox.
Prior to eradication, smallpox epidemics were common in many countries, leaving death, blindness and disfigurement behind.
Smallpox--The Death of a Disease is an authoritative behind-the-scenes history of smallpox eradication and its aftermath by D.
Smallpox is the most dangerous infectious disease ever faced by mankind.
Ian Garland, Acambis Chief Executive Officer, said: "The licensure of ACAM2000 is a significant milestone not only for Acambis but also for the US Government in its efforts to ensure a state of preparedness against the threat of smallpox.