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The ESET Smart TV Security application protects consumers with a variety of security features.
This feature will be available only in the premium version of ESET Smart TV Security.
The review also found that users need to consent to the collection of very detailed data about their viewing habits - unless they're ready to forgo the smart features of their new smart TV.
Samsung Smart TVs were the first in the world to adopt this innovative security software, specifically for TVs.
Samsung Electronics is bringing its mobile security solution, called Samsung Knox, to its Smart TVs.
Clients can target pre-built Gracenote Smart TV segments or create custom audience combinations with some 60,000 Nielsen Marketing Cloud segments.
Smart TV Alliance seeks to create a large and productive ecosystem for Smart TV application development that gives manufacturers a faster path to more and better TV applications, enables developers to write applications once for many different platforms, and provides consumers with a rich source of content and services.
Digital Entertainment has become a matter of core focus for PTCL because it understands the need for people to have entertainment on the go and the Smart TV App adds a high level of convenience to the lives of Pakistanis.
TELECOMWORLDWIRE-November 6, 2015-Opera TV launches on LG Smart TVs
In 2015, 39% of those who watch online shows on a TV set use a Smart TV, vs.
In sounding the alarm bell for Smart TV hacking in the future, Kaspersky recalled that in 1999, warnings were already aired on the possibility of mobile and smart phones hacking and virus infection.
Research experts predict 100 million homes will have smart TV sets in Europe and the United States by next year.

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