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Global shipments of all Connected TV Devices (including Smart TVs, Blu-ray players, Game Consoles and Digital Media Streamers) reached 53 million units in Q3 and are on target to hit 221 million units for the full year, representing growth of 17%.
Hundreds of Smart TV apps have been generated from Opera TV Snap by brands, content providers and broadcasters including ArrivalTV, Dancetrippin, Epic TV, Fashion TV, The North FaceA, Young Hollywood, Major League Gaming (MLG.
launched an investigation into what details smart TVs were tracking about their owners.
Philips Smart TV has combined features of Android apps available in Google Play Store with the existing Smart TV apps including video on demand, catch-up TV, Electronic Program Guide (EPG) and music streaming.
Sungale's Smart TV Box also offers consumers an experience they can't get from any other box.
The report said that Samsung's 2014 smart TVs would include finger gestures and users would be able to change the channel, control the volume, stop the video, and return to the previous screen by moving their fingers.
LG's Smart TV has won CES Innovations Awards for its superiority in hardware and software, including at the CES 2013 CES Innovations Awards.
With hardware enhancements, such as CPU, memory and GPU up to the level of the latest Smart TV, users can enjoy faster speeds for browsing the Internet and multitask by using apps while watching TV.
For the second year running we have sustained our leading position as number one in the SMART TV category," said Samsung Electronics CTV business manager Vinod Nair.
The ES9000 also includes Sound Share, the newest Smart TV feature, which automatically and wirelessly connects TV audio to Samsung's Series 6 and Series 7 Wireless Audio with Dock Systems.
The LG Cinema 3D Smart TV is equipped with the most advanced 3D technology, enabling a smoother and more immersive 3D viewing, bringing a limitless world of 3D entertainment at the tip of your 'magic' remote, its makers say.
Offering expansive, yet easy-to-use Smart TV eco-system, the LG Cinema 3D Smart TV is composed of an impressive Cinema screen, wireless display, premium content services, over 1,200 Smart TV apps globally and Magic Remote.

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