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FACTORY Raytheon's factory in Glenrothes, Fife, makes laser-guidance systems for so-called smart bombs
The other producers of smart bombs in the world are the US, Israel and Russia.
Founded in 2003 by video game industry veterans, Smart Bomb Interactive has since grown to include parents, educators, online safety experts and children's media professionals.
For more information on Smart Bomb Interactive, please visit www.
3 /PRNewswire/ -- Kids who love pretending to be animals now have their own online animal kingdom filled with fun and adventure as National Geographic and Smart Bomb Interactive launch National Geographic Animal Jam (TM) http://www.
WITH AMERICAN SPECIAL forces calculating smart bomb coordinates overseas and legions of students, seniors, and sociology graduates preparing to secure the home front in the USA Freedom Corps, commentators are hailing the return of big government as a glorious ideal.
Was it an error, or did the smart bomb know that passenger airplanes are enemy weapons now?
But yesterday the Pentagon confirmed the 2,000lb Smart bomb, aimed at a helicopter, had strayed.
Against Qaddafi, the Air Force employed another kind of smart bomb, one with laser seekers.
Military technology was so well developed that a smart bomb had been launched which had entered the building's ventilation system and so, we were informed, destroyed the target.
The aim now is to combine the aptamer with the 'bomb' (a microscopic fat particle) that can carry anti-cancer drugs or diagnostic imaging agents directly to the cancer stem cells, creating the ultimate medical smart bomb," he said.
A B-2 bomber released 16 of the lightweight JDAMs, designated MK-82 500- pound JDAM or GBU-38 by the Air Force, from four smart bomb racks in the bomb bay of the aircraft.