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Instead, they will have one smart card that can used for everything.
The cards require special smart card readers to work, and once users insert them into these readers, the readers capture and store information pertinent to the transaction in question.
market is plagued with customer and vendor misconceptions about the cost-benefits and unbreakable security technologies inherent in smart card designs.
For forward-thinking molders, the good news about smart cards is that an increasing number of them will be injection molded from ABS, as opposed to the laminated PVC sheet that currently dominates plastic card manufacturing.
To date, no one has reported a successful fault-based attack on an actual cryptographic device or smart card.
The process of implementing a smart card system is also rather cumbersome, as it requires card issuance and personalization overheads.
com), World Smart Card IC Market, reveals that this market generated revenue totaling $1.
9m SECA decoders currently deployed, with the remainder requiring only a new smart card.
Our new 73S8024R smart card interface IC sets a new noise and current performance standard in the marketplace by replacing the on-chip step-up converter used in traditional units with a low-drop-out (LDO) voltage regulator," said Jean-Christophe Doucet, product manager at TDK Semiconductor.
Axalto is confident that these major initiatives are part of a general trend that will reinforce the smart card as the ideal device for modern interactions between citizens and governments," said Olivier Piou, chief executive officer of Axalto.
The mission of the WLAN Smart Card Consortium is to define and promote smart card related specifications for WLAN across all market segments, including enterprise, public WLAN and home networks.
Technical highlights of the Datacard solution include a data generation system, Datacard(R) smart card personalization manager software (SCPM), and a new smart card module for FNBO's existing Datacard(R) 9000 Series card issuance system.