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The global smart luggage and tracking technologies market is fairly niche with leading manufacturers of smart luggage and tracking technologies working towards innovation and new product designs.
Manufacturers have been investing heavily to increase production capacity and to offer smart luggage and tracking technologies at affordable prices
It's hard to have a blanket policy when the smart luggage space is not a blanket category," he said.
Other smart luggage makers are less concerned with the shift; executives of Arlo Skye and Raden both say they saw it coming when hoverboards began exploding a few years ago.
Raden founder and chief executive officer Joshua Udashkin said he chooses to view the airline regulations from a glass-half-full perspective, a necessary if somewhat uncomfortable step toward bringing smart luggage into the mainstream.
According to Research & Markets, the smart luggage market in 2016 was valued at roughly $613 million and spread across fewer than 20 companies, a relative drop in the luggage category bucket.
As for the immediate future, Arlo Skye's Bhatnagar said he believes that "some potential buyers might wait to make a purchase as the regulations are fine-tuned" and that smart luggage will certainly remain a fraction of the overall market.
Soviet agents in the 1930s were warned to avoid clandestine meetings in central London, always carry smart luggage when checking into hotels and keep their AA membership up to date.
Aircraft manufacturer Airbus, along with German luggage maker Rimowa and telecom T-mobile have developed smart luggage that you'd be hard-pressed to lose.
Production lines for smart labels, smart tickets and smart luggage tags