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Per the terms of the agreement, Vipology will work with Adams' stations to develop a strategic "road map" to optimize each station's position on Alexa and other smart speakers and to educate listeners as to how to easily access the stations on their smart speakers.
Koh also pointed out that its smart speaker will be capable of doing more than most of its rivals.
2018 will be an important year for smart speakers in the home," said Rudly Raphael, President of QuestionPro Audience.
It's no contest on this score, Google Home Max is the best-sounding smart speaker we've heard.
I am no audiophile, and besides, the AirPods pretty much gives me everything a smart speaker can do, except fill up the room with sound.
For that reason, the HomePod is probably more comparable to the $400 Google Home Max, which is Google's most expensive smart speaker, than cheaper versions that go for $130.
Apple said on Tuesday it will start taking online orders for its HomePod smart speaker on Friday in the United States, United Kingdom and Australia, just over a month later than initially planned.
Despite previous delays in shipments of the HomePod, a smart speaker sold by Apple, Inventec announced that its production schedule is back on track and that shipments will be begin next month, with an optimistic estimate of initial sales to reach 10 million units.
We will truly be able to converse with our AI devices," Rohrbaugh said while envisioning where smart speaker technology was heading.
There's already a new device in the pipeline - the Google Home Max, a big, powerful smart speaker that does everything the two Home speakers already on the market can do, but with much higher quality audio (and at a much higher volume).
AMAZON AIMS TO KEEP ITS LEAD AMAZON has taken the lead with its smart speaker AI assistant, and in doing so has clearly claimed Apple's crown as the tech industry's maverick outsider, if a massively successful multi national company can be an outsider.
Summary: New York [USA], Jan 4 (ANI): Tech giant Apple is reportedly making minor tweaks to its intelligent personal assistant, Siri to suit and fit into the much awaited smart speaker, HomePod.

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