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Okay, the stadium was old but I'm sure that cosmetically it could have been smartened up which would have cost quite a few thousands but not millions of pounds, as the Ricoh Stadium was to cost.
However, the group who smartened up our local environment should be given equal publicity for their efforts.
All four have smartened up their act in recent years at getting over in more readable form the heavy-going mix of chairman's report, chief executive's review and balance sheet, when the year under discussion has usually been overtaken by events.
The latest challenge involved 11 staff from the call centre on Enterprise Park who smartened up traditional wooden guttering.
MANY months ago, I readabout the council proposing to make owners of buildings to have premises cleaned and smartened up.
TRAINEE plumbers at Coventry Technical College have smartened up their image with help from a city company.
As the game went along we smartened up and got a little more consistent with our play.
I'm so It takes hard Labour to look so sophisticated, but perhaps the 21-year-old Boomtown Brat has smartened up her act to impress her latest crush.
For a start, get yourself washed, dressed and smartened up before you read this page.