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He was undeniably smarter than I when it came to manoeuvring.
And if, at the end of the afternoon White Fang hasn't harmed a chicken, for every ten minutes of the time he has spent in the yard, you will have to say to him, gravely and with deliberation, just as if you were sitting on the bench and solemnly passing judgment, 'White Fang, you are smarter than I thought.
And on the porch, before the delighted family, Judge Scott, face to face with White Fang, said slowly and solemnly, sixteen times, "White Fang, you are smarter than I thought.
He thinks that he's bound to live up to his cleverness, and that it's smarter to thrash out some new way of getting to heaven than to go by the old track the common, ignorant folks is travelling.
His longing was appeased and became a habit; and she had her desire--the desire to get away from under the paternal roof, to assert her individuality, to move in her own set (so much smarter than the parental one); to have a home of her own, and her own share of the world's respect, envy, and applause.
Even Eugene standing in a window, moodily swinging the tassel of a blind, gives it a smarter jerk now, as if he found himself in better case.
Ogg's, he was thinking that he would buy his father's mill and land again when he was rich enough, and improve the house and live there; he should prefer it to any smarter, newer place, and he could keep as many horses and dogs as he liked.
Today, Riddell recognized and rewarded seven teams for building a smarter, safer game as part of its inaugural Smarter Football program.
Bin Byat, also the chairman of du, was speaking during a panel discussion, 'Smarter People, Smarter Cities, Smarter Governments', on the second day of The Government Summit in Dubai.
Smarter Security has an employee living in Mexico City short-term to assist in accelerating the development of the company s business in the capital city and throughout the country.
Today I witnessed Smarter Grid Solutions signing new deals and developing relationships with new customers.
Employees at Lexus in Cardiff have been given specialist training and support by the Energy Saving Trust's team of expert transport advisers which will enable them to provide their customers with advice on smarter driving.