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During the event, DJI is working with other government institutions to highlight Dubai's move toward becoming the smartest city in the world via the adoption of the latest technologies and the development of solutions and applications that enhance customer comfort and convenience.
Qatar : DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel - Winner, Region's Smartest Hotel; Aspire Zone - Winner, Region's Smartest Educational Facility;
by Hilton Hotel which won Regions Smartest Hotel in Qatar, Al Hamra Business
Dubai: Smart Government Establishment (DSG) has signed a strategic partnership agreement with Quisk Middle East FZ-LLC for digital payment solution services, part of its efforts to promote Dubai's goal to be the world's smartest city.
Sheikh Mohammed was quoted as saying: "Today we have completed the organisational structure and legal framework for transforming Dubai into the world's smartest city and creating a new and unique model in developing and managing cities.
We are putting together the building blocks to support Dubai Customs transformation into the world's smartest customs within Dubai as the world's smartest city.
To be the smartest winner, contestants may ask for assistance from all their possible social networks to survive from the elimination.
The World Records Academy has acknowledged Lukas as the World's Smartest Horse in recognition of his amazing feats, including identifying numbers, letters, and shapes; and discriminating colors and understanding the concepts of object permanence, spatial relationships, same/different, proportion and absentness.
Sporting News has a list of the "20 smartest athletes in sports" (as opposed to the 20 smartest athletes in something that's not sports?
Q} What's the smartest move you have ever made with your money?
The lawyer said, "I'm a lawyer, and lawyers are the smartest people in the world.
The Smartest Way to Save: Why You Can't Hang on to Money and What to Do About It" discusses the big challenge many people today face--the inability to save money in the face of rising cost of living and the need to spend.