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higher a city's services move on the smartness barometer, the smarter the city
Empathy and cooperation of all streams and parties in the political process and smartness of the wise Yemeni people can bring back stability, security and flourishing to the country," she added.
Jalal said that dialogue and exchanging of expertise are essential basics of emotional smartness at work.
And it's not just the visual or the sound; the actual smartness of content has to match the smartness of the technology.
With smartness 'virtually' in one's pocket, it is hard for the bad guy to easily break in their house.
However, with the benefit of hindsight, I believe that my period in the Army taught me discipline and smartness, attributes that have benefited me throughout my business life.
What we found while supervising some of the police working in the field of providing services was that there was a lack of the expected level of smartness, alertness and agility (as they are supposed to have) in some of the stations.
Summary: Environmental smartness may result in a smart phone, with the Roads and Transport Authority announcing that it will reward the top public transport users.
Another facebook user wrote: "Monkey for most Asia people is an icon of speed and smartness.
What he lacks in pace and size he makes up in smartness between the ears.
During a meeting they had in Tunis with Education Minister Abdellatif Abid, members of the Emirian delegation expressed admiration at the competence and smartness of Tunisian candidates in these two majors.