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But I could not help hearing Ezza say these words--`Well, let her have a little fun; you know the blow may smash her any minute.
Pipt and I had a dreadful quarrel and he threatened to smash me to pieces if I didn't keep quiet.
If you don't shut off that music I'll smash your record," threatened Ojo.
Hold it overside in the falls, or that damned fish'll smash it.
But his pleasantries were cut short by the whale's next attack-- another smash at the stern that carried away the rudder and destroyed the steering gear.
We'll wait till the next smash, then lower away, throw everything in, an' get outa this," the steward told the Ancient Mariner.
If the steering-gear did not give way, if the immense volumes of water did not burst the deck in or smash one of the hatches, if the engines did not give up, if way could be kept on the ship against this terrific wind, and she did not bury herself in one of these awful seas, of whose white crests alone, topping high above her bows, he could now and then get a sickening glimpse -- then there was a chance of her coming out of it.
Then I don't understand,' pursues the Father, 'how even their living beyond their means could bring them to what has been termed a total smash.
But, it is so amazing how any people can have come to a total smash, that everybody feels bound to account for it specially.
It is an odious subject, an offensive subject, a subject that makes me sick, and I--' And with his favourite right-arm flourish which sweeps away everything and settles it for ever, Mr Podsnap sweeps these inconveniently unexplainable wretches who have lived beyond their means and gone to total smash, off the face of the universe.
Like the best fighting games, Smash Bros is easy to pick up, but a challenge to master.
In association with the Dylan Hartigan Release, The Smash Group also has released Dylan's First music video, Love Seems To Be.