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PRIMROSE HILL | The front window of a conservatory on Cross Lane was smashed on October 15 in the evening.
South Frederick Street, South Shields Put the windows out and smashed down the front door 8.
There was smashed glass and ornaments throughout the house.
2 : to hit or move violently <The ball smashed through a window.
But the damage had only just begun - with the smash having a domino effect which sent the Audi crashing into a Mercedes, which smashed into a Hyundai, and continued for a chain of three more cars.
The vandalism then intensified with broken office windows, vehicles smashed in the parking lot, and finally shattered office windows again last Saturday.
One of the cars that the bus hit spun out of control and smashed into the Lodge Lane chip shop.
The truck smashed her porch before narrowly missing her brother John's mobile home.
Scientists think the asteroid smashed into Mexico's Yucatan Peninsula and wiped out half of Earth's species, including dinosaurs.
has introduced a California wine brand called Smashed Grapes, whose mission is to make premium wine fun and accessible to 25-to-34-year-old wine drinkers.
An Apple ipod was stolen from a Citroen C1 after the front window was smashed while it was parked on Radcliffe Way on August 13 at about 8pm.
The thief smashed the shop window and took several items of gold jewellery that had been on display before running off.