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My imagination was full of those striding metallic monsters, and of the dead body smashed against the fence.
His own drawings had been ripped in pieces; and the photographs, Manet's Olympia and the Odalisque of Ingres, the portrait of Philip IV, had been smashed with great blows of the coal-hammer.
Ut fair carried away the door an' laid ut flat on the mess table an' smashed out the chief's room.
We smashed thot lighter,' says he, comun' up the lodder tull the brudge--an' the pilot stondun' there wuth his ears cocked tull hear.
Sure," I said, with a grateful nod and an air of certitude that I, too, would hunt whales and be in smashed boats in the Arctic Ocean.
The Scarecrow dashed in to rescue his Sawhorse, and had his left foot smashed by the hammer before he could pull the creature out of danger.
It is inadequate to say that the skull was smashed to bits like an eggshell.
They haven't proved yet that it is Colonel Bohun, with the head all smashed up like that.
No woman ever born could have smashed a man's skull out flat like that.
The next morning I dug a shallow ditch around the tent, and, an hour later, a sudden gust of wind, whipping over the rocky wall behind us, picked up the tent and smashed it down on the sand thirty yards away.
Holding the paper in my lelf hand, I smashed down upon the cap with a rock held in my right.
The Nan-Shan was being looted by the storm with a senseless, destructive fury: trysails torn out of the extra gaskets, double-lashed awnings blown away, bridge swept clean, weather-cloths burst, rails twisted, light-screens smashed -- and two of the boats had gone already.