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Today, there are automated and semi-automated slide makers and slide maker/stainers on the market that can ease the burden on the laboratorian while providing consistency in the smear preparation process.
sA composite diagnostic index (Comprising of sputum AFB smear and/or radiology, and/or clinical judgement, and/or response to antitubercular drugs) was considered as the reference standard for diagnosis of pulmonary tuberculosis in this study and result of CBNAAT was compared with that composite diagnostic index.
Researchers found that lower Pap smear utilization among bisexual women was primarily driven by their poorer socio-economic status.
Tzanck smear was positive in 33 (66%) and viral serology in 45 (90%) patients.
Results: The mean CRP levels were significantly higher in smear positive pulmonary tuberculosis 49.
2 After clinical examination, presumptive TB patients are referred for smear microscopy which remains the most important tool for screening and diagnosis3 as it is the best available resource in high-burden settings of developing countries.
The various areas the trainees focused on were: the reception of patients, preliminary registration of patient's demographic information in the respective registers and certain information in the smear glass slide.
Smear preparation (4): New unscratched slides were used for smear preparation.
I wish that all women, particularly those over the age of 64, were offered the smear test.
The diagnostic criteria for pulmonary tuberculosis were at least two positive sputum smears, or a positive sputum smear and a suspicious radiography, or a positive smear along with a positive culture.
The Future II Study tested the effects of "pap smear plus HPV vaccine" on 6087 women aged 15-26, and "pap smear alone" on 6080 women aged 15-26.