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Policy message: All clinically suspected and X-ray positive but sputum smear negative cases should undergo sputum culture for Mycobacterium tuberculosis on Lowenstein-Jensen medium.
Ninety eight of 166 women (59%) who had [greater than or equal to] 6 Pap smears in their life time were [greater than or equal to] 46 years old.
Colposcopy of women with positive tests revealed that HPV testing was more effective than Pap smears in detecting precancerous or cancerous lesions: The prevalence of lesions categorized as CIN 2 or worse was 117 per 10,000 among women who had undergone HPV testing, compared with 34 per 10,000 among those who had had a Pap smear.
A smear was made on a glass slide and stained by ZN staining technique.
To estimate the lifetime prevalence of pap smear among a group of women and assess the relationship between some possible risk factors and pap smear knowledge status.
Continuing to perform manual tasks such as preparing manual blood smears takes laboratory professionals away from tasks that require critical thinking that they were trained to do and are relied upon to perform.
They found that while rates of timely mammograms did not differ significantly between the groups, lesbians were 25 percent less likely to get a timely Pap smear than both heterosexual and bisexual women.
To compare Tzanck smear with viral serology in terms of concurrence of results in patients with varicella.
Conclusion: Smear microscopy cannot be solely relied upon for diagnosis and its results must be correlated with additional clinical information and other diagnostics due to considerable amount of false negativity, especially in female population.
The sites for smears (both ear lobes, both arms, both thighs) were identified and the smears were prepared with aseptic precautions.