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And still at times she would smear him with the name of black (to his delight when he learned the reason).
There was a smear or so of blood, though very little; but the body was bent or broken into a posture impossible to any living thing.
He took from his tail-pocket a long horn-hilted knife with a red smear on it, and handed it politely to the sergeant.
He laid one lean inquiring finger on the small smear, just under the lock, which Superintendent Seegrave had already noticed, when he reproved the women-servants for all crowding together into the room.
Before we go a step further in this business we must see the petticoat that made the smear, and we must know for certain when that paint was wet.
There is a smear on the painting of your door, here.
The next thing to discover is when the paint was last seen without that smear.
Hearing that this was impossible, he next sent for a magnifying-glass, and tried how the smear looked, seen that way.
Find out (first) whether there is any article of dress in this house with the smear of the paint on it.
They recollected how the change had come, and could call to mind that when her son was born, upon the very day the deed was known, he bore upon his wrist what seemed a smear of blood but half washed out.
During the on-site assessment, the aspirated material from the first needle pass was expelled onto a slide for the preparation of paired smears, one air-dried and one alcohol fixed.