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Smeary cameras = moody viewing = they'll get the point.
The heating was on, burning up my left leg like a laptop PC, and the window was steamed up, revealing smeary libels written long ago.
Here incarnated in porcelain with lustre glaze, the smeary, blotchy, bubbly surfaces suggest abstract painting, the damage of time or some untoward chemical experiment.
The Milky Way galaxy appears as a smeary streak to creatures on Earth because we're looking at it from the inside of its disk.
And so the carpet in the Terrace Brasserie, where we had lunch, needed a decent vacuum and the brass plate on the gents' loo needed buffing to remove the smeary marks left by a thousand fingers.
Spray paint proliferates: an arterial streak, an occult-looking pictogram, fields of smeary dots and squiggles.
our flat back teeth drilled brightly in the new international tax regime protologisms, refuting enamel, scorning accessibility, adrift in gum, a real rift per adage, cuts in holy water damage, implants of the daily grind, children out the real yet almost shut but not yet shut and yet still fantastically not shatterproof and smeary window sing the mess we inherited from the last magic diether who scrap the past to recycle the joy it brings, the power set, of a subset, of a power set, UberBollywood;
Schnabel's attempts to compensate stylistically with his trademark smeary impressionistic visuals feel like auteurist doodles in the margins of an important subject.
Homes& Gardens THAT spring sunshine may be a joy to see, but those bright rays certainly show up the dust, cobwebs, smeary marks and scuffs all around the home.
The VA is liable to decrease and is reported to be hazy, smeary and variable.