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Then the young man Indabazimbi stepped straight forward across the ring, making no cries or gestures, but as one who walks from his gate to the cattle kraal, and suddenly he struck the king in the face with the tail in his hand, saying, "I smell out the Heavens above me
I smelt him out this morning when I was alive; now that I am as one already dead, I smell him out again.
Men always play with their mouths," said Mowgli; and the silent trailers saw the old man fill and light and puff at a water-pipe, and they took good note of the smell of the tobacco, so as to be sure of Buldeo in the darkest night, if necessary.
My tusks were red at the Sack of the Fields of Bhurtpore, and I would not wake that smell again.
Only the smell of the new grass on their door-steps can take away that smell.
You see, my friend, here are two of us, with as good noses as yours, who smell nothing.
The door of my room is wide open--and you know how fast a smell can travel.
He became conscious of a mysteriously offensive odour in the room, entirely new in his experience of revolting smells.
Clearly, the pungent smell of the creasote rose high above all other contending scents.
The staves of the barrel and the wheels of the trolley were smeared with a dark liquid, and the whole air was heavy with the smell of creasote.
And yet as I sit at work, I smell miles of flowers.
I dare say my birds sing better than other birds, and my flowers smell better than other flowers.