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Of the 369 age-0+ pikeperch examined for food items in July 2005, 115 had consumed age-0+ smelt (1.
The number of smelt fluctuated between years, with a marked decline since 2002, which has no obvious cause.
The movements of smelt shoals were difficult to follow.
In several large lakes the yield of smelt has been found to depend on ambient temperature (Nyberg et al.
The large fluctuations in the numbers of smelt in L.
Characteristics of spawning-run smelt Osmerus eperlanus (L.
Roelle enjoys pan-fried smelt rolled in cornmeal, but he was mostly interested in laying in a supply of bait for his Fishpatrick's Guide Service.
I've heard a lot about smelt dipping, but I've never tried it," he said.
If you're lucky enough to be in the right spot at the right time, smelt dipping can be as simple as bending over and picking up a dime on the sidewalk.
Dipping is not always that easy, however, as people often have to wade out in waist-deep water and still stretch to reach any smelt.
The secret to smelt dipping, Roelle said, is to skim the net along just above a sandy section of river bottom where smelt have "balled up.
If you're banging against rocks on the bottom, that cloud of smelt will scurry away.