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The categories were established on the basis of the theoretical frameworks mentioned in Item 3, especially in the texts by Smirch, Schein and Hofstede.
going to put on our holier-than-thou face and ask her not to smirch the
The focus on leaders shaping meaning creation harkens to the work of Smirch and Morgan (1982) that pointed out how what the president said impacted how others were able to create a shared understanding.
Yet out of this insult to justice, this defamation of the Church, this orgy of lying and foolishness, the truth is set in the noonday sun on the hilltop; the white robe of innocence is cleansed from the smirch of the burning faggots; the holy life is sanctified; the true heart that lived through the flame is consecrated; a great lie is silenced for ever; and a great wrong is set right before all men.
Things squirm, fatten, smudge, smirch, "making way / for yet other excesses.
There is an important angle of the Rhinelander annulment suit which no amount of clever editorial skirting, or summary disgust, or pity for the self-inflicted smirch upon the blazing escutcheon of a proud old family can overshadow.
Worse still, do we attempt to smirch the reputations of those who bring legal action against us and even try to prevent them from securing employment elsewhere?