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The portable camera will be able to provide crisp images of smoke-filled rooms and other places where no light exists.
My idea of heaven is moving from one smoke-filled room to another.
Watching Late Night Poker with under-the-table cameras, in a smoke-filled room with Jesse May's atmospheric commentary, got me hooked.
But the truth was that she arrived home to find her daughter in a smoke-filled room covered in soot, Tim Green, prosecuting, told the court.
The flames had started in a first-floor suite, and two elderly residents were trapped in the burning, smoke-filled room.
It is tempting to ask if this award was presented in a smoke-filled room, but it was actually folks like political consultant Joe Cerrell who helped bring the election process out into the open rather than leaving choices up to political bosses.
Although we hate to have to eat in a smoke-filled room, philosophically we didn't agree with the act despite the sensible arguments about it being a public health matter, an economic development matter and a matter of common sense.
Fitted in addition to normal building evacuation sounds, ExitPoint offers a way to draw people to exits in perfect visibility or in a smoke-filled room.
Eugene went first, then contestants went into the green smoke-filled room one by one to see how long they lasted being prodded and played eerie music.
Once it's removed from the charger base, it activates a series of strobe lights spaced around the hydrant cap's rim and triggers a built-in siren, a pair of signals to aid rescuers in finding the child in a smoke-filled room.
When a building goes up in flames and people are trapped in a smoke-filled room, it takes courage and brute strength to get them out.
The members of the board of directors were all insurers, so you had the perception of a smoke-filled room.