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As a rule, I don't encourage shooting smokeless powders in cartridge rifles made in the black-powder era.
of Rand & Laflin smokeless powder and topped with a 220 gr.
Characterization of compost, fly ash and smokeless powder.
I knew from childhood that smokeless powder will not flash unless compressed--have you caught my mistake yet?
A few common types of smokeless powder morphologies can be seen in Figure 1 (Bender 1998).
Black and smokeless powders are both gunpowders, and both are explicitly named in the antiterrorism act.
This product will contain all primary, horizontally-moving, lethal fragments from a 1/2 smokeless powder pipe bomb, dramatically reduce blast overpressures and thus reduce damage to people and property, and rapidly extinguish the fireball and eliminate burns or post-blast fires.
I have never seen a scientific explanation that explains the burning of smokeless powder in cartridges.
Early in the 1900's, say about 1902, Winchester brought out a brand new smokeless powder cartridge.
They have long been proven for preventing the unwinding of Damascus barrels when converting from black to smokeless powder loads in those cases where the hunter is not concerned about a reduction in bore/gauge or holds no similar concern should a barrel be bulged or blown, useless due to an accidental blockage.
Pyrodex comes under the same regulations as smokeless powder, greatly simplifying things.
The Krag-Jorgensen was the first smokeless powder rifle to be adopted by the United States.