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In addition, participants in the study were more likely to report that violent bars were smokier, higher in temperature, dirtier, darker, more crowded, more likely to have competitive games, and more likely to employ bouncers and male employees.
This is a major, major problem, especially at a time when Medicaid reimbursements are not covering the costs of providing care," said Jeff Smokier, AHCA's director of communications.
I find the data staggering, especially the crossover and diversion of funds away from Medicaid to pay for liability costs," said Jeff Smokier, deputy director of communications for the American Health Care Association.
The longer cats were exposed and the smokier their domicile, the worse their risk.
While it's hard to imagine Irish whiskey being as popular in the US as blended Scotch whisky, there was a time in the 20th century when Irish was THE imported whiskey, But after Prohibition, it began to fade and when US soldiers came back from the UK after from WWII, they returned with a taste for the smokier and earthier Scotch.
I believe that traditional neutrals [ivory, white] are taking on a smokier, grayer cast and heading toward taupe.
This is a mob drama with an overactive thyroid: bigger, heavier, grimmer, meaner, smokier and oft-bloodier, with more Italian surnames per square foot than in Naples itself.
As the Britain of the Industrial Revolution appeared ever smokier, grimier, and more inhuman, most people longed for the handmade, for the rural, for almost any and every preindustrial era.
But the fact remains: We either pay now with some inconvenience, or we will surely pay a higher price later with larger, smokier, uncontrollable wildfires.
Whether X Games fans prefer the bold taste of cayenne peppers in our original hot sauce or the smokier spice of our chipotle hot sauce with smoked red jalapeSo peppers, Texas Pete([R]) will get hearts pumping a little harder.
OUR TESTER SAYS: "Of the three palettes, this Grunge Glamour one stands out with darker, smokier shades.
Wiig held up a pretty, pristine high harmony, and sounded great with Jones' lower, smokier register.