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Louis, whose factories were fueled by the system of coking, was one of the smokiest cities in the United States.
The smokiest woods are the denser softwoods--Douglas fir, southern pine, larch, and tamarack.
They'll also tell you about the paradoxical settings--ashtrays next to LifeCycles, the world's smokiest elevators, skyrocketing stress levels and a missing link between exercise and a healthful lifestyle.
French Roast--a blend of African, Central, and South American coffees to stand up to the darkest and smokiest of all Tully's roasts.
Both dishes were perfectly cooked, the scallops melting in the mouth and we declared the trout the smokiest we have tasted.
The Beastie, being six years older than the standard Ardbeg ten, is a round, softer version of the peatiest and smokiest Scotch whisky made.