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Yamazaki 12--Single Malt (Suntory, 43%) has a deep color, with pronounced notes of malt, smokiness and spice.
What was a hint of smokiness in the original Black Label is now at the fore of the Double Black blend.
Usually, the determination of smokiness according to the Bosch scale is used.
De Souza goes on to explain that while she may not be grinding the spices on a stone, as is traditionally done, or cooking them in a pot over fire (it adds a special smokiness, she says), she is impressed with the ingredients that Dubai has to offer and is confident in being able to recreate her traditional cuisine here.
"Chili peppers and chocolate, a nice roasty smokiness," said Ernie Adamo.
its smokiness, its saltiness, its yummy fattiness.''
Toss everything together, and dress judiciously-the last thing you want to do is let the dressing overpower the lovely sharpness of the leaves, the smokiness of the nuts and the refreshing tang of the strawberries.
Its characteristics are a tranquil atmosphere and general smokiness.
The combination of the smokiness of the bacon with the sweetness of the brittle will make you a bacon brittle convert as well.
Aranda says mezcal's primary flavor characteristics are "smokiness with a creamy texture and fruit and flower notes." Some of his favorite items to pair with mezcal in a cocktail include: "fruit, especially pineapple and honeydew, along with corn, peppers, cilantro, epazote and countless other spices.
The Black Grouse marries the bold smokiness of peated malts with the trademark smoothness of Scotland's favourite whisky - The Famous Grouse.
smokiness of vision or migraines; the anterior chamber depth assessment was incorrect; the optic disc assessment was inadequate; and the record of the consultation was inadequate.