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On the contrary to the behaviour observed at small rotation speeds, smokiness observed when the engine was fuelled with multi-component fuel exceeded smokiness in the case of pure RME.
The reason I like working with it is because it combines well with any fruit or vegetable and the smokiness elevates the flavor profile of the ingredients.
smokiness of vision or migraines; the anterior chamber depth assessment was incorrect; the optic disc assessment was inadequate; and the record of the consultation was inadequate.
A well cooked chicken Jaipur had light tandoor smokiness and a wholesome Punjabi sauce.
These self-incinerating kilns harden the clay and temper it with a slight smokiness.
The smokiness of the salmon was encased in the soft delicate flesh of the plaice, topped with a creamy sauce combining the rich bitterness of the saffron threads, which made the sauce a golden yellow, and the faint aroma of aniseed from the chervil.
Orange peel and natural wood: The smokiness of wood and the tanginess of orange peel create a unique taste sensation.
This wine has a rich, fruity style with a great finish and a great balance of crisp acidity with a slight smokiness.
Fire-roasting adds intense character and a subtle smokiness to the artichokes.
Without peat to fuel the malt-drying fires prior to fermentation, master distillers attempted to approximate that characteristic smokiness by aging their "white-dog" (clear, unaged whiskey) in new, white oak barrels whose insides had been charred.