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It essentially achieved the same objectives as the CPSC's proposed 2008 rule by focusing on the risk of smolder ignition of cover fabrics.
The tonalities smolder down into the purple and black that emerge in 7 and 8 so that (except for a few random swabs of red in 9) the last two canvases have the purely graphic and summary quality of black marks on an uninflected white page.
These mosquito coils smolder through the night to keep bugs at bay, but they can also cause asthma and wheezing in children.
Some smolder deep within abandoned mines; others blaze forth in exposed seams of coal.
Smith and his colleagues studied the charcoal-making process in Kenya, where the fuel is made in earth-covered mounds that smolder for up to 10 days, and in Brazil, where production takes place in several types of large kilns.
A soft smolder, a sassy flounce of red ruffle thrown over the hips, a self-deprecating humor, followed one after the other.