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The Keratin Smooth line's salon-grade quality lets you wear truly straight hair that looks healthy and smooth for an extended time,' says Calayag.
Udderly Smooth Udder Cream was originally invented in Ohio for use on dairy cows under harsh conditions and is used now for dry and chapped skin on people worldwide.
A smooth cotopology is defined as a mapping T : [I.
22-30) examine the tax smoothing hypothesis for India using data for the period of 1951-1997 and find that the central government smooths tax rates, while regional governments do not.
Smooth & Repair 1 ligh Shine Glosser (4 ounces).
u]) be an intuitionistic Fuzzy smooth quasi uniform topological space and A be an intuitionistic Fuzzy set.
the latitude allowed by accounting rules, (a) smooth reported income, and (b) smooth the rate of growth of income.
From 6am-to-midnight on Tuesday, November 10, Edgbaston-based Smooth will dedicate all of its output to fund-raising on behalf of injured soldiers.
Tammy, who was born in Birmingham, won BRMB's Search for a Star competitionin 1995and remained at the station until her move to Smooth.
3 : free from difficulties or things in the way <a smooth path> <a smooth journey>
Traditional Medicinals, Sebastopol, CA, has debuted a line of new Smooth Move laxative products.
To smooth the lines created with the spatula and even out any imperfections, sand the entire area for a seamless finish.